Always finding a way to make you feel comfortable.

Whether it is design idea or technical consultation.

I have been committed to working as a technician and evaluator first and then as interior designer.

I co-founded a new Studio with colleagues where the core business was bespoke interior projects. A careful design based on client’s requests and based on a depth analysis of status quo and client’s needs. Standing side by side from scratch till the materials choice, the execution and the completion.

My experience on the Real Estate market (Italy) developed thanks to a deep collaboration with a Property Management Company and a Real Estate Agency as evaluator, maintenance manager and technician. And moreover I have been working with National Banks providing consultancy and due diligence.

Talking about collaboration I should mention the one with a furniture and kitchen modular system store at the Interior Design Exhibitions. Afterwards we established a good partnership for the main projects carried out in the following years.

Before all this? I paid my dues in an architectural studio in my home town and had the opportunity to do an internship at the D.R.O. (City Planning Department) of Amsterdam.

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